Agricultural Products

At BNSF, we’ve partnered with American producers for over 170 years. Together, we have innovated to make the U.S. farming supply chain one of the most efficient and productive in the world. We have always been a critical link for delivering agricultural products whenever and wherever they’re needed. From grains that become bread that ends up on the dinner table, to renewable fuels and their feedstocks that will help now and future generations, our employees take pride in providing a sustainable transportation solution for the agricultural community. We continuously work hard to keep your business moving safely every day, no matter the challenges. You can count on us. THIS IS BNSF.

See why our employees are proud about moving agriculture products for our nation.


  • Since 1854, we have partnered with farmers to make sure wholesome grain makes its way from America's heartland to dinner tables around the globe.

    Field Crops
  • Field Crop Products

Chemicals, Fertilizers & Plastics

  • From chemicals used in manufacturing, dry or liquid fertilizer materials, or one of the many types of plastics (from dry resin to liquid plastics), we have the people and equipment to ensure your product arrives at its destination safely when you need it there.


Food & Beverages

  • Moving food and beverages by railroad may seem complicated, but with the right equipment and decades of experience, we are a great partner to get your product where it needs to go.

    Bulk Foods
  • Fresh & Frozen Foods

Renewable Fuels

  • Whether you’re a power company, a refinery or a manufacturer, we know how to safely and efficiently move the fuels that power your business and the country.

  • Renewable Fuels

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